Beach Waves is a professional salon service that lasts up to three months to create soft, natural-looking, wave and curl patterns, bounce, body and movement for those that want to make the graceful elegance and individuality of texture a part of their hairstyle and identity.

Beach Waves are customizable to all hair textures and lengths. Service options include:


The Beach Wave:

Using a vertical drag wrap soft tool technique, this style marries straight and wavy textures to create the sexy, tousled beach waves on the vanguard of fashion and beauty trends.


Style Support:

For clients with fine and/or straight hair, Style Support uses a new spin on soft tool wrapping techniques. It adds volume and texture to hair that lacks life and vitality by creating a resilient consistent wave pattern that helps create better blow-dries and hot-tool styles.


Expanded Curls:

For those with curly hair, Texture Specialists use a round soft tool wrapping technique to create buoyant and resilient wave and curl patterns that are healthy, frizz-free, and fun.

Color Wave:

Color Wave allows for any of the American Wave styles to be applied to lightened hair, so you can pair bombshell blondes with bombshell waves and curls.

If you prefer to protect your hair from humid weather and have frizz free hair, try...

Brocato Supersilk™ Sets a New Standard for Safe In-Salon Smoothing and “Pure Indulgence.” Is a 100% formaldehyde-free, in-salon smoothing service for eco-conscious women who want silky, gorgeous, lustrous hair.

Brocato set out to find a safe, effective solution for texture management. He discovered the Nano Silk Amino Acid Complex, a rich amino acid formula that is safer, stronger and more durable than keratin. Its key ingredient, Sericin, is the protein produced by the silkworm as it emerges from the cocoon and transforms into a butterfly.

The resulting product line includes a synergistic blend of silk amino acids and shine-enhancing oils that has revolutionized the process of hair smoothing and texture management. The results allow clients to decrease drying time, reduce styling time 50% or more and experience the ultimate luxury of smooth, sleek hair.